We are able to provide you with efficient, pragmatic and cost effective immigration advice to any visa related query that you may have.


We are able to deliver tailored immigration advice that is best suited to each client's individual circumstances. We collect, examine and assess all relevant information in order to advise you of the best possible strategy in moving forward with your immigration options.


Our dedicated service is offered to all applicants who are located anywhere in Australia or overseas. We work in consultation with you and keep you informed of the migration process at every step of the way.


We can assist you with a range of visas that include: -


Employment Visas

Australia is a great place to live and work, offering lifestyle and employment opportunities. The employer sponsored migration program allows employers to fill vacancies in their business. There are a range of temporary and permanent visas that are available and it is important that both businesses and migrants understand the laws that are applicable.



Skilled Visa

There are a range of visa options under the General Skilled Migration program for skilled workers who want to live in Australia and do not have an employer sponsoring them. SkillSelect has significantly reduced the processing time for Australian skilled visas. As part of our assessment we consider your eligibility for all skilled visas and advise you of the best category to apply for.



Student Visa

Education is a very important export market for Australia and each year tens of thousands of students from various overseas countries come to Australia to undertake study courses or training programs of one type or another. We assist prospective students in achieving their dreams by enrolling in registered courses that match their educational interests.




Family Visa

The family stream seeks to reunite Australians with their overseas family members. The most satisfying experience is connecting with your parent and family. We will help you overcome the various hurdles in obtaining parent visa that brings parents together with their children, family or relatives who may be living overseas. Our services makes getting parent visas easy and hassle free. 



Partner Visas

When it comes to those you love there should be no barriers. We understand the importance of relationships, especially when it comes to being able to share a mutual commitment to one another without the stress of living separately. The stringent immigration policies that surround partner visas can prove to be a difficult process. We make things simple for either your partner, wife or loved one to reconnect.



Visitor visa

If you are seeking to travel to Australia for a holiday or business trip, there are a number of options available under different visitor visa categories. We prepare statutory declarations, submissions and respond to the Department of Home Affairs with respect to any request made for further information in support of an application.



Merits review

We are considered experts in our industry and are often called upon to represent people who have had visas refused or cancelled. The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) have the power to conduct merits reviews of some decisions made by officers of the Department of Home Affairs. If your application has been refused or cancelled please consult us immediately as there are stringent time frames to apply for merits review.



Refugee and Humanitarian

Australia has provided humanitarian responses in the form of permanent and temporary refuge to people suffering from persecution, natural disasters, political unrest and war situations. Refugee law is complex and we have particular expertise in the area. We assist clients with protection (refugee) visa applications, tribunal appeals of protection visa refusals and offshore refugee and humanitarian applications. Feel free to contact us to arrange a discussion about your situation.



Resident Return visas

When visa applicants are approved for migration or permanent residence, they are granted a permanent visa valid for 5 years from the date of the grant. Permanent residents who do not obtain citizenship may apply for resident return visas when the 5 years of their initial permanent visa expires to enable them to continue travels outside Australia and to return. We can assist you if you fall within this category of visa.



Ministerial Intervention/Appeal

In some circumstances, the minister has a personal power to grant a visa. The minister can change a decision made by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal to a substitute decision that is more favourable to an applicant. The minister can make a decision to grant a visa even when an applicant does not meet the legal requirements for it.